Counseling Cell



Students counseling is considered to be an essential part of all academic institutions. This not only helps the students in adjusting in the new academic environments but it is also helpful in finding solutions to their emotional and social problems. Realizing this the worthy Rector FUI proposed setting up of a Counselling Cell at FURC in Spring-2016. Brig. (R) Dr.Tanvir Akhtar, Ex-Chief  Psychologist Pakistan Army was inducted as Director Counselling assisted by two Counsellors was approved. Counseling is a helping process, which aims to facilitate the process of growth and positive well being. It emphasizes awareness and prevention along with early identification and intervention of educational, emotional, social, familial and health issues.

The Counselling Cell caters to the psychological problems of students and faculty at FUI and delivers the following services:-

  1. Psychological Testing & Evaluation of students are referred to the Counselling cell.

  2. Personal Counselling interview for a better emotional & social adjustment.

  3. To guide & counsel the students, who have a weak academic record, (to improve their concentration & motivation).

  4. Discipline/Behavior problems such as anxiety, phobias, anger, and tensions of students, staff and faculty members are dealt on psychological grounds for their better adjustment.

  5. Tutorial groups have been formed and tutors, who are interested to take the responsibility of mentoring them and help them in overcoming their personal, social and academics problems.

  6. Arranging seminars on psychological issues for the better well-being of the faculty and the students.


In 2016 Following seminars were arranged.

  • Adolescents issues & treatment planning  by Dr.Iffat Rohail

  • Role of marital emotional work, friendship & romance in enhancing marital quality by Dr.Sadaf Ahsan.

  • Stress & stress management  by Dr.Tanvir Akhtar

  • Guidance & counseling by Dr.Mumtaz Jaffari from COMSATS.


Over the year 2017, around 120 students consulted /were referred to the Cell for counseling, all of which have been successfully retrieved Alhamdulillah and are well readjusted in the academic environments of FUI.