Department of Humanities and Liberal Arts

Head of Department

Dr. Shoaib Ahmed PG Dip (Mgt, London UK) PhD (Social Sciences, Pak) Post Doctorate (Dev & Eco BCID, UK) Dr. Shoaib Ahmed is an experienced, resourceful foreign qualified educationist and has been very actively serving the cause of education for the last 20 years in the development and execution of various academic program, teaching and research, student’s career counselling and managing other student Affairs at national and international level and helped more than 5000 students in selecting appropriate field of study to achieve their future endeavours. He holds a post graduate diploma (Level 7 UK Qualifications) in Management Studies from London,UK. First class first Masters Degrees in Education and Masters Degree in Political Science. His PhD is in Social Sciences from QUA and Post Doctorate from Department of Development and Economics, BCID, University of Bradford, United Kingdom. He has significantly contributed in the rising and development of Punjab Group of Colleges in Rawalpindi/ Islamabad region, up-gradation of NDC to NDU and establishment of Capital University of Science and Technology in Islamabad and London College for Professional Studies London, UK. As a researcher he has contributed on issues related to Politics and Public Policy including South Asian regional stability, Water Resource Management, Youth Empowerment, de-radicalization and counter extremism. Foundation University.


Media and communication is a field that is widely spreading across the world. Due to its widespread growth and popularity Foundation university is also offering the department of media and communication. The courses are so designed as to equip the students fully with the advanced techniques of the emerging field. The undergraduate curriculum not only allows the students to build a robust theoretical background but also to experience it practically as well. This prepares the students in acquiring the skills in Print Media, Electronic Media, Advertising, Photography, Videography and Public Relations. Such a wide range of courses helps the students in getting prepared to enter in the competitive market and prove their worth. Seminars and workshops are held to enhance the professional skills of the students. The regular visits of media industry practitioners help in boosting up of the spirits and morale of the students. It gives them the dedication to take up the challenges and get prepared to work in the competitive environment. Media industry also demands for high time reliability, credibility and authenticity which is ensured to in still in the students.

Career Opportunities

The graduating students can do wonders in the fields of electronic media as anchor persons, news casters, photographers, video graphers, RJs, producers, reporters etc. In print media as script writer, editor, columnist, feature writer, researcher, news writer, content writer. In advertising as creative writer, Advertising Media Planners, Media traffic personnel, Production Managers. And in public relations as Directors of Public Relations ,Public Relations Specialists, account executive manages.


The students are assessed through course work, quizzes, assignments, presentations, oral and written examinations thesis, computer/ studio projects, group projects; market surveys/sample boards, site analysis, presentations and reports. Each
student has to maintain 2.0 CGPA the end of the degree program.