Department of Software Engineering

 Head of Department
Dr. Muhammad Shaheen
Ph.D-Computer Science (University of Engineering & Technology Lahore)

Professor Dr. Muhammad Shaheen did his PhD in Computer Science from University of Engineering & Technology, Pakistan. He is the author of many research articles published in international journals and conferences. He has conducted many speeches on Computer Science  related topics at national and international level. Most of his publications are related with Artificial Intelligence and Data Mining


The Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology endeavors to produce competent engineers who research.The faculty uses modern technologies to enhance the learning capabilities of the students and to provide them with a stimulating and challenging environment. Emphasis is put on the practical applications of engineering and computer science to meet the software and hardware needs of the global industry in general and Pakistani industry in particular. The faculty offers courses in Software Engineering and Computer Science leading to Bachelor’s (BS), Master’s (MS) and Doctor of Philosophy (PhD). A strong curriculum in software engineering is offered by highly qualified engineering faculty with reputable accomplishments both nationally and internationally. Presently, software engineering with all its possible facets is the world’s largest and most lucrative business. The laboratories are equipped with extensive facilities to cater for undergraduate practical work. Lab Equipment is of world standard and continuously upgraded to keep abreast with the latest technological developments. The faculty and administration are poised to turn the Institute into a centre of excellence while incorporating the specializations of computing.

The department of software engineering is fully equipped with the relevant resources required by the students. The computer labs are fully equipped with the advanced technology computers and other required resources. The most updated softwares are available so that the students can take advantage of cutting edge technology. The department is providing the best facilities of internet to make the students remain connected with the whole world. Software engineering is a bridge connecting the basic concepts and principles of computer science with the variety of users who can benefit from technologies based upon those principles. It includes the design and development of software systems which are effective, efficient, robust, maintainable, and maximally useful and usable. It also includes the design and development of techniques, processes and higher level tools by which these applications can be developed in a timely, cost effective and sustainable manner. At both levels it requires a systematic approach which deals with quantifiable measures of quality and effectiveness, as well as attention to the critical nature of the various products of the process.



Job Opportunities

Software engineering is the discipline of creating high quality software systems in a systematic, controlled and efficient manner. It involves the application of engineering concepts, techniques, and methods to the design, development, deployment and maintenance of software systems. A software engineering program should develop professionals who have a mastery of principles, theory, practices, and processes necessary to produce quality software systems. Graduates of such programs will be able to function as proficient software developers and effective team members. They will have grounding in communication, mathematics and science, and the cultural, historical, and social issues that influence and effect or relate to the development of high quality software systems. They will have knowledge and experience with software product engineering and engineering management and an understanding of professional issues and practices. Graduates will be able to understand and assess their own software engineering capabilities. and performance. The curriculum is designed to ensure breadth across allied disciplines and supporting subjects and depth in most areas of the software engineering body of knowledge. Software engineering is the key area in domains of sciences that includes the development of high quality softwares. Professionals with software engineering skills are highly demanded all over the world due to its demand. Like any other conventional engineering, software engineering is also becoming an important engineering domain. Software engineering can make a remarkable future not only in software market but in telecom and other sector as well. The domain of software engineering is defining the new dimensions of research and development beyond the conventional computer science areas. Since its inception, software engineering has opened new venues in research and development. Many institutes all over the world are doing research on new development in software engineering.