Life at Campus


With a contemporary approach to study, work and innovation, the Institution adapts to the changing demands of global business education, engineering and social sciences. We combine academic study with practical experiences to deliver useful courses to help drive the student towards his career goals. The Institution strong research and market links ensure course materials are always up-to-date and relevant to what’s happening else where.

The Institution places a strong emphasis on professional accreditations. So many courses have been designed to meet the needs of professional organizations and industry. Nearly all courses have practical components, so one will have plenty of opportunities to gain hands on experience in real life situations through case studies or practical work in our state-of-the art facilities. There are also opportunities for creating internships with Multinational companies and Banks.

Programs offered at the University are mostly developed on modern lines so as to fulfill the future requirements of the market and industry. Books, Journals and Periodicals at the University have been selected keeping in view the needs of the scholars and researchers. Online resources have been provided in the library in collaboration with HEC for latest information. The campus has also provided the students with high performance computers at the Information Tech Center, thus facilitating them to gain Tech knowledge.


Extra/Co-curricular activities are encouraged at the campus for the grooming of students. The University has number of societies like Music Society, Engineering Society, Business Executive, Art and Dramatic, Debating, Sports, Library and Software. Apart from these societies, Educational Trips/ tours are planned. Active participation of class Representatives and girl representatives is encouraged in forming various teams/ societies