23 Aug 2017
  • Time: 9.00AM to 4.00PM
  • Gate Open: 9AM
  • Location: FURC Lab

Faculty Development Training

Faculty Development Training

Learning Innovation Division provides opportunity of Professional Development training program to the faculty members of University through short terms training Programs.


This workshop is intended to discuss – with the potential researchers – in the form of training workshop so that they can sharpen their professional development on solid grounds and on continuous basis.

Program's Outcomes:

This program aims to upgrade the knowledge & enhance the skills of the university's faculty in the area of SPSS & delivery of Training Programs. After the training participants will be able to:

Upon completion of the training programme, participants would be able to input data into SPSS, select appropriate data analysis techniques perform requisite analyses using SPSS,ANOVA interpret the data output for various decision making needs and present output to specific users in user friendly manner.