UK Summer Camp 2019

Foundation University Islamabad (FUI) has signed a 3+1 progression agreement with the University of Bedfordshire (UoB) whereby FUI students can complete their first three years of undergraduate study in Computing, Business or Psychology at FUI and proceed to the University of Bedfordshire for completion of their final year, gaining one of the following UK qualifications:

  • BSc (Hons) Software Engineering
  • BA (Hons) Business Administration (Top-up)
  • BSc (Hons) Psychology

The scheme allows our FUI students to have international exposure at a leading international university, along with gaining an international qualification, at an affordable cost, from the University of Bedfordshire which is duly recognized by HEC. (For more information, click here)

Summer Camp 2019

To explore this opportunity for our students, FUI, in collaboration with UoB, arranges annual summer camps at the UoB.  This year, the fifth summer camp has been scheduled to take place in August 2019 at the UoB campus.  The camp aims to ensure the multidirectional skill development of our students thereby enabling them to become global citizens. The one/two week long camp will allow our participants:

  • to firsthand experience the life in the UK,
  • to understand the demands of studies in the UK,
  • to explore opportunities for further studies and work  in an international market,
  • an opportunity for networking and public skills development,
  • to visit other universities, and places of historical interest

The summer camp in the UK will be arranged by the UoB, and all participating FUI students will be fully supervised by FUI faculty members who will accompany the students, and will be with them throughout their travel and stay in the UK.  Further, FUI and UoB will also offer necessary support in securing a visit visa to the UK.

What is Included

  • Return Air fare to and from UK
  • Local transport to and from airport to University of Bedfordshire
  • Boarding and Lodging
  • Visa Fee (Plus offical support in securing Visa)
  • Training Camp
  • Tours and Visits to Places of Interest

Who can Join

The students from all departments at FURC are welcome to join the camp, as there will be opportunities for everyone to explore options for further education not only at UoB but also at other universities in London and the UK. Further, the experience itself will not only broaden your horizon, but will also offer new opportunities and venues for professional growth.

Tentative Cost

The following costs, based on last year's camp, are tentative estimates and are subject to slight change to account for currency translation and inflation. 

  • Summer Camp Cost
    • One Week:  £1050/-  (Last year, 2018, summer camp was one week long)
    • Two Weeks: £2000/-
  • Air Travel: PKR 116,000/- (2018 figure, subject to change by airline)
  • Visa Fee: PKR 20,000/- includes Gerry's processing and Embassy's visa Fee

How to Register

If you are interested in joining the camp, please fill in the preliminary Registration Form for Summer Camp 2019 (clikc here).

For Further Information

For any queries, or for more information, please contact

Mr. Ubaidullah Qazi
Assistant Professor
Department of English (FURC)
Phone: 0515151437 - Ext 295
Mobile: 03349500755

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Preliminary Timeline