Media & Communication:

Media and communication is a field that is widely spreading across the world. Due to its widespread growth and popularity Foundation University is also offering Media and Communication to equip the students fully with the advanced techniques of the emerging field.

The undergraduate curriculum not only allows the students to build a robust theoretical background but also to experience it practically as well. This prepares the students in acquiring the skills in Print Media, Electronic Media, Advertising, Photography, Videography and Public Relations. Such a wide range of courses helps the students in getting prepared to enter in the competitive market and prove their worth.

Seminars and workshops are held to enhance the professional skills of the students. The regular visits of media industry practitioners help in boosting up of the spirits and morale of the students. It gives them the dedication to take up the challenges and get prepared to work in the competitive environment.

Job Opportunities

The graduating students can do wonders in the field of electronic media as anchor persons, news casters, photographers, videographers, RJs, producers, reporters etc. In print media they can work as script writer, editor, columnist, feature writer, researcher, news writer, content writer. In advertising media graduates employed as creative writer, Advertising Media Planners, Media traffic personnel, Production Managers. And in public relations as Directors of Public Relations, Public Relations they work as Specialists, accounts and executive manages.

Computer Arts: The program focuses on software development, networking and designing and provides you with in depth technical skills and hands- on approach and practice to enable you to start your career with confidence. The department provides its students with two modern and unique fields of specialization namely Animation and Graphics.

The Bachelor’s program has been designed as per HEC guidelines. The curriculum is spread over eight semesters (4 years) with comprehensive learning about Computer Arts. During the first four semesters i.e. (2 years) students are mainly offered foundational and multi-disciplinary courses to strengthen learning and provide direction for the development of subject specific courses. The last two years are built on foundational subjects to polish the skills of the students in their relevant area. The final requires 6 credit hour thesis project which tests their ability to project their learning in technique and execution. Students of BCA are given an environment which attempts to enhance individual creative potential and innovative expression. The department arranges workshops and invites renowned guest speakers to acquaint the students with emerging trends and techniques. The flourishing media industry heavily depends on highly creative workforce therefore, the Computer Arts is an aesthetic and technical discipline that enables students to apply theories and artistic sense in the creation of audio, visual and written information using computer technology. You will combine your academic study with practical work in well-equipped and spacious laboratories, often working in groups to develop your teamwork and communication skills.

Job Opportunities

The successful graduate will be prepared to professional positions in technology centered organizations, in the corporate sector, in industry, in government, in other professional arenas.

Career opportunities for Computer Arts graduates exist in the following sectors: Games and electronic Entertainment, Communication technologies, Music, Web design and internet services, E-learning and e-business, Digital media, Film, TV and Animation, Advertising and publishing. Typical job titles include animator, modeler, compositor, effects artist, lead designer, interface designer, web designer, webmaster, creative director, sound designer, and sound editor.