Counseling Cell

In last three years, around 150 students were referred to the counseling cell Department of Psychology, FURC. All of them have been successfully treated and are now well adjusted in the academic environment of FUI. Moreover, keeping in view the desperate need of clinical knowledge and expertise, Department of Psychology, FURC successfully organized many seminars and clinical training workshops.

Following are the Seminars organized by the Department of Psychology related to Clinical Psychology training 2018 - 2020



Resource person

:Mental Health Day: Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic on Mental Health
9th  October, 2020

Prof. Dr. Mowadat Rana, Sitara e Imtiaz (Military), Psychiatrist 

Dr. Rubina Hanif                        Associate Professor, National Institute of Psychology 

5 Days Registered Behaviour Technician Training Course 9th to13th December, 2019 Mansur Chaudry, BCBA, Director Special Care, USA

Mental Health Day (Theme: Suicide Prevention)

10th October, 2019

Dr. Mowadat Rana

One day Training workshop on Time and Stress Management 23rd August, 2019 Col. Javed Akhtar, Dr. Shoaib Ahmed & Brig. Dr. Tanveer Akhtar
Two days training workshop on Clinical Interviewing Skills and Management of Anxiety Disorders 7th to 8th August, 2019 Dr. Kulsoom Jawaid
Two days training workshop on Sensory Integration Therapy and Learning Without Tears 22nd  to 23rd April, 2019 Ms. Najma Adam

2 Days Workshop on Learning Disabilities

17th to 18th July, 2018

Dr. Ayza Abid

Mental Health Day: Young people and mental health in a changing world + Talk on Neurofeedback Therapy

18th October, 2018

Dr. Iftikhar un Hassan, Prof. Dr. Tahir Khalily,

5 Days Registered Behavior Technician Training Course 6th to 10th August, 2018

Isma Zafar Khan, BCBA

Ball State University, USA

Psychotherapeutic Camp

5th December, 2018

Dr. Nadia Shafique (at FAST)